Making Games Happen

About US

Circles Game Development is a game design and development business that specializes in the following:

  •  Website Design and Development.
  •  Web Application Development.
  •  eCommerce Development.
  •  Content Management Development.
  •  Digital Marketing.
  •  Social Media Development.
  •  Mobile Content Development.
  •  Animation for Web Games and Architectural Visualizations.
Now what to do ....? We are always on the look out for exciting new ideas. 
If you have an idea that makes us tingle, we may want to develop it into an android/ ios/ blackberry /windows app or develop a website game and integrate with facebook. With our contacts we can present your new game to mobile distributors .Our contacts can give a variety of offers to developers for a particular app, including featured placement in the digital store, pre-load on devices, guaranteed minimum number of end-user downloads, and localization to specific regions. 
 Does your idea have what it takes to go all the way ...?
Read on to find out what we need from you . All submissions are both free and looked at. So we look forward to reviewing your game soon ...! 
A written synopsis of your idea detailing all you can about the age group ,length of time to play and rules .
We do not require finished prototypes. Simple clear illustrations will be more that enough... (We know a good idea without the need for impressive artwork or models!) 
Please do not send anything of value! If you do have a prototype you wish us to see. Send or email us the rules with some clear photographs first. If we like the idea we will then request you send us your prototype... or we will invite you to our offices.
Make sure you copyright all material before you send anything to us.
If we believe your idea has the makings of the next big game, app or puzzle. We will invite you to our offices where we can then dicuss all possible all possible ways forward. Many ideas we take forward need to be redesigned to ensure quality and playability. 
We aim to respond to all submissions within four to eight weeks. However due to the amount received, there may at times be a delay. If so we ask for your patience and request you call or email us to ask.